Dynamyx – security risk management software

How does it work?

Dynamyx is a security risk management software that is dynamic, responsive and powerfully intuitive. This means that as soon as something changes in your environment, the risk profile of your property will be updated to reflect that change.

Dynamyx means you never have to worry about how you should manage security again.  Dynamyx manages that all for you.

This is how Dynamyx works:

Risk rating

A property’s risk rating will change as the local and national environment changes. Minor fluctuations are expected each month while any major change may warrant additional improvements to maintain the property at an acceptable risk rating. Dynamyx will advise what the most appropriate improvements are, relative to the risk to the property.

Client dashboard

Full visibility of a single property or an entire portfolio is available at a glance from within Dynamyx. Clients will have access to the current risk rating for each property, its incident history and any recommendations yet to be actioned.

Dynamyx is live, all day every day.

Continual visibility

Clients can access at any time everything associated with each property. This includes schematics and drawings, images, past and current risk assessments, and other current and historical data.

The client interface is simple and intuitive and takes just a few minutes each month to complete.


A key feature of Dynamyx is its ability to track who your neighbours are and if they have a positive or negative impact on your property’s risk profile. We call these Points of Interest (POIs) and it is a unique feature of Dynamyx.


Your data is safe with Dynamyx. Our business is security and we take it very seriously. We only use cloud services from ASD Certified Cloud Services providers by the Australian Government.

Watch this 30 second video to understand how the Dynamyx application works.


How the Dynamyx process works: 


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