Our Approach to Managing Security and Risk

Risk should be treated when it first appears

Our world moves faster than traditional ways of managing security and risk can keep up with. These processes are old-fashioned and now redundant.

Why do we say this?

Having undertaken in excess of 700 security risk assessments across Australia and the Asia Pacific region, we know all too well how quickly risk can shift. Our world changes constantly, yet we base critical asset protection and security decisions on information that’s mostly historical.

This traditionally is in the form of written risk assessments, spreadsheets and risk registers.

And while this allows organisations to meet their risk, compliance and reporting obligations, we believe risk should be treated when it first appears. Not during the next scheduled risk management cycle or after an incident has occurred.

That’s simply too late.

Insight plus foresight beats hindsight.

Our approach is both simple and logical – address risk as and when it appears. Or even better, before it appears.

We want to stop bad things from happening to good people and their assets. We want to protect businesses from loss in any form and help secure the things that can’t be insured like reputations.

Making clever use of data allows us to see many instances of increased risk before it impacts our clients. This could be in the form of changes in crime patterns or a high-risk business moving into your neighbourhood.

Our data-driven approach to risk means we’re able to benchmark our client properties against the very best.

Want to know how you compare to your industry peers? We know.

The value of 10+ years of data collection means we know what works and what doesn’t. And what you need to do to best manage your risk position.

RiskDynamyx® has your back, all day every day.

  • Remove the reliance on cyclical security risk assessments
  • Easily track progress of new treatment recommendations
  • Know the risk position of all your assets, anytime
  • Have independent risk and security experts on-hand

RiskDynamyx® manages it all for you. Your personal dashboard will tell you what you need to know and do, exactly when you need it.

Know the risk position of your assets all the time. RiskDynamyx® is live now and always.

For protecting physical security assets, there’s a much smarter way to manage risk.

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