Why RiskDynamyx ?

RiskDynamyx has become the chosen security risk management platform for many of the top commercial and industrial properties and businesses. Here’s why:

A typical security risk assessment is:

  • Valid for only one day –  that is, the day of the review.  Once your security consultant leaves your premises, essentially the risk assessment is out of date.
  • Generally undertaken every 1 to 3 years – a lot can happen in this time that would not normally be addressed until the next risk assessment is due.
  • Static – once it is done, it is often forgotten about. It may not be updated as recommendations contained within the report are implemented.

RiskDynamyx addresses the above:

  • It is truly dynamic – as changes in your local environment occur, so too does your property’s risk profile.
  • It is constantly working for you – RiskDynamyx monitors local crime, how the building is being used, the incident history of the building (crime that is not reported to police), plus your neighbour’s buildings and if they are impacting the risk profile of your property.
  • It monitors the national terrorism alert level and how it relates to your property – all of which are subject to change at any time.
  • RiskDynamyx tracks any changes to your property’s risk profile and updates its score each and every month – Your risk rating is never older than 30 days.
  • It keeps you informed – if we think you need to improve your security processes at any time, we will tell you exactly what needs to happen and why.
  • It is consistent and repeatable – because we rely on data and not opinions, the subjectivity normally associated with traditional risk assessments is removed.

Regular reporting – you don’t need to wait years for your next report:

  • RiskDynamyx clients will receive a report every 3 months detailing any changes – you will always know what the status of your property is and the best methods for managing its security.

In-house security advice:

  • A dedicated, in-house security manager is part of your subscription – as a contracted client, you will never have to pay extra for our advice. You can ring and ask us anything at any time.
  • Access to the best security experts in the country – most property managers do not have the security expertise and knowledge we have and do not have access to it without actively seeking and paying for it. Dynamyx provides this as part of its service.
  • As independent security consultants, our advice is not biased – we are not affiliated with any other companies nor do we sell products.
  • Peace of mind – with your risk profile being monitored all day every day you never have to worry where your vulnerabilities are as RiskDynamyx has it covered. We will notify you as soon as something in your environment changes.
  • The process is based on the ISO 31000 standard for risk management – this is a globally proven and recognised standard. RiskDynamyx makes use of technology to deliver security risk management better and smarter.

Cost effective:

  • Your data is all in one place – what is the point of restarting the whole risk assessment process every few years? Do it once and keep all your data in one place. It’s smarter, more efficient and far more cost-effective.
  • Your security data is available to you anywhere at any time – you don’t need to call another security consultant every time you need a security risk assessment performed.  Another cost saving!
  • Benchmarking – By having multiple properties on RiskDynamyx, we can benchmark the performance of each property against the others. This is done automatically for you.

Easy to use:

  • Flexible – it can adapt to a client’s specific needs.
  • Accessible – it can be used for any building anywhere.
  • Easy to use – it takes minutes to learn and use.

RiskDynamyx is an application that allows a truly proactive approach to security risk management and is a very powerful and intuitive tool for business intelligence.

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