It’s time to abandon old-fashioned analogue risk assessments. RiskDynamyx™ is the only security risk consultancy that tracks data to detect crime, trends and threats specific to your property. In real-time. All the time.

Harnessing data to protect commercial property like no one else can.

Digital security for bricks and mortar
(and steel, and concrete, and glass).

We use our extensive property knowledge and security expertise to apply big data from around the world – and even space – to your particular locale and alert you to any changes that could harm your property and your people.


Tomorrow is not the time to discover a threat from yesterday.

Real-time risk reporting allows for intelligent security management and informed business continuity planning. Many customers have reported up to a 30% reduction in incidents and loss.



Actual not annual security risk reports

RiskDynamyx™ offers the experience and rigour of regular security consultants with so much more.

After our initial detailed physical assessment, we create a unique algorithm for your property, the surrounding area, and potential risks that are specific to your location and property type.

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National Terrorism Threat Level monitoring

The National Terrorism Threat Level is continuously monitoring for any changes that might impact you.

We constantly scan global data to assess current risks and how they will affect your property on a local level.

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Track old, and new, neighbours

RiskDynamyx™ has a unique ability to track your neighbours and what they mean to your property.

Our constant analysis of real-time data allows you to refine your security activities for threats that can’t be detected by old-fashioned risk reports.

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How RiskDynamyx works

  1. A on-site risk assessment of your property/properties is undertaken.
  2. We give you an initial a PSTARR (Physical Security Threat Assessment Risk Rating).
  3. Your first report has recommendations for improvement.
  4. We create your unique algorithm to continually monitor your security risk through the RiskDynamyx platform.
  5. We monitor for shifts including crime rates, changes in your neighbourhood, and the National Terrorism Threat Alert system.
  6. You can see real-time updates in your personal dashboard.
  7. Every month we ask you to record any differences that may affect your rating, such as security improvements, reports of incidents, and changes to the use of your property.
  8. Every quarter you will receive a report that details any movements on your PSTARR score.
  9. If additional security measures are required, we will tell you exactly what they are and why.
  10. Our in-house security manager is on hand to answer any questions you may have.
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