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RiskDynamyx® brings real-time risk assessment to an ever-moving workforce.

Local Government has security needs that far outweigh the commercial sector. We offer a dynamic solution that protects municipal buildings and all who visit or work in them.

Real-time challenges

Councils across Australia face challenges that are almost unique because of the diverse and distributed workforce which operate within local government.

Councils have numerous staff that work within council properties, in properties that are not council run, and in private residences.

Local government staff can be exposed to risk when engaging with the community.

  • Administration and office staff
  • Gardner’s and maintenance staff
  • Maternal child health nurses
  • Community support officers
  • Park rangers
  • Compliance officers
  • Town planning officers
  • Youth workers

There are two ways we can simplify the management of risk to staff and lone or isolated workers.

1. Security risk assessments

We follow the same process that we undertake for our commercial property security risk assessments. We identify exactly what risks a council property may be exposed to and the best ways to manage that risk.

The focus is on maintaining the property at its required security levels at all times to ensure staff safety. Be it office spaces, town halls, council chambers, libraries, community centres, maternal health centres, kindergartens and youth centres, RiskDynamyx® manages the risk everyday.

2. Enterprise incident reporting / staff safety hub / lone worker

RiskDynamyx® real-time global data collection allows us to cover more than just the immediate locale of your properties. We have created a unique feature designed specifically for local government. This allows us to associate incidents to any location in a government’s local area. Meaning that all hostile or aggressive behaviour directed towards council workers can be associated with an address, irrespective of the incident or property type.

This allows any council worker with web access to know the risk profile of any location prior to attending. The end result is a safer workplace for all council employees, irrespective of where that workplace is.

We meet the highest standards.

We undertake reviews in accordance with the following standards:

  • Security Risk Management Toolbox – Independent Schools Victoria
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management Standards Australia HB 167: 2006 Security Risk Management
  • Australian Standards AS 4421 – Guards and Patrols
  • Australian Standards AS 3745 – Building Evacuation
  • AS/NZS 2201.1:2007 Intruder Alarm Systems – Client’s Premises-Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance
  • AS 2201.2-2004 Intruder Alarm Systems – Monitoring Centres
  • AS 2201.3-1991 Intruder Alarm Systems – Detection Devices for Internal Use
  • AS/NNZS 2201.5:2008 Intruder Alarm Systems – Alarm Transmission Systems
  • AS/NZS 3000:2007 Wiring Rules

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