Real-time security risk management

Security risk management is the function of continually identifying risks specific to physical or protective security and implementing plans to address these risks. Routinely, this is achieved through security risk assessments and then measuring the effectiveness of the prescribed treatments.

RiskDynamyx® allows property and building managers to outsource the oversight of the security and associated functions of their properties to RiskDynamyx® for a fixed monthly fee.

Real-time security risk management

Through our world-first dynamic application, we will continually track, measure and report on the effectiveness of the security functions of your property. This will in almost all cases, eliminate the need for in-house security and risk managers and allow property and asset managers to concentrate on other areas of property management.

Security risk management is a complex process and should not be undertaken by people who are not properly qualified in this area. If the process of risk identification is not managed correctly, security for the property is then likely to be inappropriate.

RiskDynamyx® measures how well security at your property is performing every day. If there is any change that means a new security improvement or treatment is required, we will tell you exactly what it is and why you need it.

RiskDynamyx® is the simplest and most cost effective way to ensure the security of your assets.

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