Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


RiskDynamyx is the first dynamic security risk management application for commercial and industrial property anywhere.

RiskDynamyx uses proprietary algorithms for assigning and measuring risk. The risk profile of your property is always up to date with RiskDynamyx.

Simply give us a call and we will organise a demonstration for you.

It is really simple. Contact our office and we will manage the whole process for you.

Initially, it will be Australia only but before long we will be able to cover most of the developed world. Contact us to confirm when RiskDynamyx will be available in your country.

Yes it can.

Matryx is a specialist security and risk management consultancy based in Melbourne Australia.


We will look after that for you. On joining, we will send you your login details where you can set up your own password for ongoing access.

RiskDynamyx could not be easier to use which means there is no special training required. Any questions you might have we will answer when we first set your property up in RiskDynamyx.

Most clients will only require one or two logins but there is no limit on how many you can have.

There is only one account type but there are three service levels available. Talk to us about what best suits your needs.

It can. Call us to discover how this might work for your organisation.


You can send us a message at any time from within RiskDynamyx. We have a team ready to help you with any enquiries you may have.

You can grant access to as many people as you need. We do however recommend that access is limited as some of the data will be quite sensitive and should be treated as such.

The data is continually updated, and could occur daily in some instances or monthly in others. As soon as new data is available, RiskDynamyx is automatically updated as is all data relating to your property.

It is normal to see subtle changes occur regularly. This is how RiskDynamyx works. As part of our relationship management process, we will keep you up updated as to what these changes mean for you and your property.


A security risk assessment is the process of determining what risks a property or the people that inhabit it could be exposed to.

A risk rating is the score given to a property once its risk profile has been determined.

The risk profile is the level of risk applicable to a property when all elements have been considered. This is represented as a number and a percentage within RiskDynamyx.

Points of interest or POI’s are other properties that can have either a positive or negative influence on the risk profile of a RiskDynamyx client property.

Pricing and payment

RiskDynamyx is incredibly cost effective. Talk to us about what it might cost for your property.

On our pricing page you will notice that we list a ‘from’ rate.  This is to indicate a starting price point. However, because each business has different needs and not every property is the same, this pricing will change based on other requirements and extra customisation. At RiskDynamyx, we pride ourselves on offering value, so if you need more information on pricing, please contact us to see what pricing model best suits your needs.

Yes there is a small, one-off set up fee.

We have a test property that you are free to try if you would like to.

RiskDynamyx is used by a variety of businesses and property groups all across Australia.


Only you and key members of the RiskDynamyx team.


Extremely. RiskDynamyx is hosted at a data centre approved by the federal government. Our business is security and we take it very seriously.

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