Real-time security risk assessment

RiskDynamyx® is the leader in property risk assessment.

Harnessing data to protect commercial property like no one else can.

RiskDynamyx® is the only security risk application that tracks data to detect crime, trends and threats specific to your property in real-time.

The unique algorithm that is applied to every property protects your building and people in ways that can’t be predicted by traditional threat and vulnerability reports.

We identify exactly what risks a property may be exposed to and the best ways to manage that risk. 

The focus is on maintaining the property at its required security levels at all times to ensure staff safety. Irrespective of your property type or its location, RiskDynamyx® manages the risk every day.

  • Uses a unique algorithm to monitor threats specific to your property.
  • Real-time monitoring of potential threats.
  • Full reporting on your personal dashboard.
  • Quarterly reports on your PSTARR (Physical Security Threat Assessment Risk Rating).

24/7 monitoring of your neighbourhood

Changes in your surrounding area can have a massive effect on the safety of your property.

We monitor and report on all issues in your community that may affect your building, business and people.


National Terrorism Threat Level monitoring

The National Terrorism Threat Level is continuously monitored for any changes that might impact you.

We constantly scan global data to assess current risks and how they will affect your property on a local level.


Track old, and new, neighbours

Risk is never static. Sometimes threats can move in next door. For instance, when the police department moved premises in Melbourne they installed bomb-proof glass on all their street facing windows.

RiskDynamyx® alerted neighbouring property owners to new risk and recommended safety measures in the event of an attack.


Investigating causes of rises in crime

We constantly monitor incident rates in your vicinity. If we see an increase, we investigate the cause.

For instance a methadone clinic moving into the area can lead to a rise in petty crime and may require additional security measures.


Staying one step ahead of the bad guys

Like risk assessments, criminals are always evolving. We comb through big data and study crime patterns around the world to report any new methods that have been devised.

For instance, a client reported a break-in where the burglars cut open the side of a corrugated iron warehouse. We immediately alerted all owners of similar properties to the new risk with suggestions of how to guard against it happening to them.


A world of problems – local solutions

We constantly scan global data to assess current risks and how they will affect your property on a local level.

From changing criminal patterns to the Terror Alert status, we will notify you of any unseen threats your property may face.

The usual suspects

Our service always starts with a highly detailed onsite risk assessment. So when you choose to enlist real-time reporting you still get the rigour of a traditional inspection. Our process is based on the ISO 31000 standard for risk management – a globally proven and recognised standard.

Once completed, your report is uploaded to your personal dashboard with recommendations on how to improve your PSTARR (Physical Security Threat Assessment Risk Rating) based on the threat of:

  • Robbery
  • Vandalism
  • ICT (Information Communication Technology) breaches
  • Violence against staff

Our onsite inspection covers:

  • Signage, landscape and building design
  • Fences, gates, doors and windows
  • Lighting and power
  • Information and computing technology
  • Alarms and surveillance equipment
  • Cash handling
  • Car parks
  • Staff security
  • The placement of entry and exits for easy monitoring by staff

It makes sense to look ahead.

  • Regular property updates
    Along with 24/7 access to your data, you will also receive scheduled reports and critical updates.
  • Reduction in your security spend
    Most clients have reported a 12% reduction in security overheads.
  • Expert advice
    You will have access to a physical security expert as part of your subscription.
  • Incidents and loss reduction
    Many clients have reported a 30% reduction in incidents and loss.
  • Business continuity
    Enables more proactivity around external threats for better planning.
  • Dynamic updates
    Your risk profile is continuously updated so you won’t have to worry about your security risks again.
  • Easy to use
    Flexible, accessible, and easy to use.
  • Neighbours
    See who your neighbours are and how they may affect your property.
  • Reputation management
    RiskDynamyx® helps you with your reputation management strategy.
  • Global standards
    RiskDynamyx® process is based on the ISO 31000 standard for risk management – a globally proven and recognised standard.
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