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About RiskDynamyx

RiskDynamyx is a dynamic, cloud-based security risk assessment software that addresses the changing needs of the world.  It’s being used by organisations all over Australia as part of their security risk management strategy.

Security Risk Assessments Software Australia – Overview

Security risk assessments are undertaken all across the developed world.

They are recognised as best practice in security risk management software because they identify threats and vulnerabilities and drive security improvement.

Security risk assessments software can be undertaken on a cyclical or casual basis. Organisations such as the major banks in Australia undertake security risk assessments on their entire property portfolio every 3 years. Government organisations have the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) program that also operates to a fixed schedule.

For other organisations, security risk assessments software will be undertaken on an as-needed basis, driven by internal, local or international events.

However, the traditional security risk assessment process has some challenges:

Traditional Security Risk Assessments – Challenges & Flaws

  • The findings and recommendations of the report are only valid for just one day (the day the risk assessor is onsite).
  • There is rarely any post-review follow-up.
  • Any post review security improvements are not taken into account in the scoring of the property.
  • Any post review changes in the property, business or local environment will not be considered until the next review.
  • Each risk assessment is done in isolation and starts from scratch each time.
  • Subsequent assessments could be undertaken by different people, using different methodologies and could ultimately come to different conclusions.

RiskDynamyx addresses these shortcomings and improves the entire process for property and security managers.

RiskDynamyx is an application that allows a truly proactive approach to security risk management as well as being a very powerful tool for business intelligence.

Benefits of RiskDynamyx:

  • Cost effective – RiskDynamyx is a far better service and will typically cost far less than the traditional risk assessment process would.
  • Business Continuity – enables more proactivity around potential threats and the impact these can have on your organisation
  • Full visibility – review your property portfolios risk rating at any time.
  • Data updates – as the world changes so too does your data and your property’s risk profile.
  • Continual measurement and reporting – you don’t have to wait 3 years for your next report. With RiskDynamyx you are always up to date.
  • Proactive and predictive – approach to security risk management.
  • Added bonuses – RiskDynamyx reports incorporate heat mapping, benchmarking, trend analysis, crime statistics and data analysis. Features will continue to be added.

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